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Becker Romania was founded 22 years ago as a subsidiary of the German company Becker Brakel, leading manufacturer of molded wood worldwide.


We have constantly invested in modern technologies to be able face the market changes. Nowadays we have a big peeling line, 60 presses, 11 CNC-machines and 8 robots.


Besides the standard plywood shells production, 2010 comes with the New Upholstery department and, in 2011, we have started the trays production facility under our own brand "ATIYA".


In 2019, we have inaugurated the department of mirrors production with about 1500 units produced daily.


Our team consists of 350 employees that we value, encourage and support to evolve during the years within our company.



We have shown adaptability to the market challenges in the recent years and we are committed to be a trustful partner in the next years.

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