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22 years of high quality
 molded plywood production

Production on demand

We are producers of molded plywood products for the furniture industry.

Modern operating equipment

We are constantly investing in modern technologies to offer high quality products.

FSC® certification

The Beech logs and veneers (our main materials) are FSC® certified and so the products that we deliver.

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Our expertise with molded plywood

Seats & Backrests
Used together or individually, we have developed several items like these with our customers in the past 20 years.  
Construction elements
Construction elements are important to complete your product. We are able to produce frames, armrests and many types of support elements.
Pressing a shell in a high quality level comes with many years of experience and study of the particularities of each wood type. 
Plywood trays
Besides our standard plywood items, we are also focused on the trays production for home and HoReCa.
Wooden tubes
In the recent years, we have added new technologies to our production and we were able to serve our customers with new and outstadning products.
Upholstery items
During the years our customers requested upholstered items which we are now able to produce at a high quality.

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