• Started in 2002, Becker Romania Srl has grown to become a solid partner in curved plywood production. More than 10.000 cubic meters of beech wood -- that is over 6.000 logs -- are processed every year in Gherla, at the Becker site in Romania. They are delivered on deadlines from a distance not farther than 160 Km and stored in a manner that allows for constant spraying with pure water. This ensures the tree trunks maintain their quality for a long time.

  • For the beech to be properly sliced into veneer sheets the right moisture and temperature conditions must be met. Steaming through electronic control ensures the quality of the veneer is maintained. After peeling and splitting the wood strip, the veneers are dried and sorted by qualities. Pressing is the stage where the veneer is brought into different shapes. With over 40 presses set up for different sizes, and under hundreds tons of pressure, the veneer is made into one part again. The right shape comes from the right pressing tool. Our highly skilled engineers design the right Pressing tool for different 3D shapes, different overlays or different properties for the resulting elements.

  • After a cooling off period, during which they settle into shape, the curved plywood parts are automatically processed in various 5-axes CNC machines. These machines give the final shape of the parts by cutting, milling and drilling, each performed with highest precision. Hand sanding is used to ensure the best edge smoothness, coming in very complicated contours.

  • Beech wood comes a long way from the forest to the finished furniture item. Becker Romania fulfils every wish in shaped wood, right up to the frame that is ready for assembly, if required, with a coated surface. Wood embodies a human personality. It ages attractively, it has character. This material personifies tradition, experience and warmth. However much mechanical processing shaped wood is subjected to, it never loses its craftsmanship attitude.